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Animal Research :)


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Your survey lacks the option of answering "No sexual experience with animals" on "15. Sexual Experience 2"...


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Getting people from FA to participate in your survey could skew your results, I would assume that furries in general have different relationships with their pets than non-furries since a lot of us are animal lovers -- just a heads up.

It's mainly food for thought and something to take into consideration if you haven't already.


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I put makeup on my dog and pretend that I actually have a boyfriend.
I can see someone actually doing that. Or a creepy catlady pretending all her cats are men just wanting and fighting for her attention.


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Say what??? make up on animals.... good grief! I hope it at least was the kind that you can get off without giving them a rash!


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A friend of mine just noted that the survey had "poofed", and the post here suggests you're wrapping up. For transparency's sake, why is that? You've received enough responses, for example?