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animals you have not seen as a fursuit? odd choices you have seen?

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I haven't seen any boar fursuits. D: I want to make one. Boars are freakin' awesome.
[Ganon, anyone? LOL]


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I was in a Clifford fursuit in 5th grade for the book fair.....it was so damn hot! lol but it was really fun, I really had a good time. The best thing is that you can get into character, without looking like an idiot :)


I think a Baron of Hell from classic Doom is one of those that would be impossible, unless someone had a really odd birth defect in their knees.

Now, I have seen a few Transformers suit(technically not furry) that actually transform through the wearer folding themself up. There are some youtube vids of those. Something I wouldn't have assumed possible, but it's been done.


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Im gonna make a Flareon one =3 (at least I'm gonna try)

And also, I have not seen any fursuits because I've never been to a con X3


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a snake or naga suit, because it would be difficult or even impossible to move in.


a snake or naga suit, because it would be difficult or even impossible to move in.

unless you have one these

then i could see making one XD


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A Proper dragon suit not made out of Faux fur, both eastern and Western. So far Lion-on-the-sun has done one well.

A Dhole, a Wolverine, a cobra, and a dodo.
a shunka warakin...it is(was) real.....look it up if you want LOL


I've not seen a Sugar Glider yet... which I find really surprising, they are sweet little critters.

I thought a Skunk would be fairly rare, but I've found a surprising amount of material of them (Both suits and drawings)...

EDIT: Actually, if I ever do create a fursuit I think I'll go with a Sugar Glider...
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I'd like to see a tiger salamander or mudpuppy, maybe done in that fake vinyl fabric.


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I've not seen a horse fursuit that I'd want to own, sadly. Then again, I don't really go for toony suits, and to make a horse's head realistic would be difficult to pull of basing it on a human head - vision would be a problem. That's why I'm attempting to make my own horse head.
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