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animals you have not seen as a fursuit? odd choices you have seen?

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I would like to see a zombie skunk or pangolin.


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Never seen a llama suit. Derrick has been looking for one forever!

Ive seen the yellow "drama llama" suit by dj plex or whatever, but never a REAL llama suit.


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Man I've seen 'em all and lucky for that at least for that I'll love them all


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Domestic animals, like cats, dogs, bunnies, are all common. Sea dwellers are out, from what I've seen, as well as horses (WAHH!!), most reptiles (there was this one croc...), birds, farm yard animals (accept the cat and dog), and anything outside America. Jeeze, are we racist or what?! No camels, goats, pigs, squirrels, llamas, (I did see ONE ant-eater), lizards, sheep, etc...

Hum there was at least 1 painted horse at FC 2010 (me) Eternally Cloudy
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I've never seen a badger, a binturong or a mongoose. I have seen a walrus before though...


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I've been planning on a sloth, aardwolf, Scottie dog, and an 'ugly' rat suit! XD (in opposition to most of the cute ones I see! Wearing junkyard armor my mate will make)

Elephant!!!! Ohhhh how I'd love to see an elephant suit <3 A proper caracal would be cute as heck, OR A GOLDEN CAT omg my favorite!! <3 Hahaha awh if I had enough monies I'd totally have you make the head of a golden cat, Beastcub. It'd be lovely <3 Dikdiks! Tree kangaroos! awhh I could rant forever.

In reagards to a few posters up there, I've seen the 'drama llama' suit...http://farm1.static.flickr.com/158/368696865_1b68cbb3ee.jpg?v=0 heehee, but realistic colors might be cute too!
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i love fursuits (in an artistic way not a fetish way mind you, i love these walking art forms :3) and i have searched for and seen many many pictures

however i have never seen a few animals and these are ones i don't why some one would not dress up as one (i mean some kritters i understand)

elephant-which i don't understand as one of my child hood faves was Babar (a furry program i would say) and elephants in general are so big an unique and both fearsome and nurturing animals

Koala-why have i never seen a fursuit of what has been dubbed possibly the cutest aussie animal? (i have seen a platapus, many kangaroos, a few dingos but no koala)

turtle- a popular pet and popular in moves such as cursh from nemo

hedgehog-real one mind you not blue XD come on them little buggars are adorable and i heard that in places of europe they are like squirrels are here in the US

penguin-overall cute and apparently sell movies but i have never seen a peguin fursuit that was not a cosplay of the one from that evangeli-whatever it is anime

seal-lots of otters but no seals

ferrit-aren't they hella popular as pets and rated #3 on the list below cats and dogs? i have yet to see a suit of one.

i have seen some odd/unique ones (not including hybrids) these are costumes i have seen less than 4 of depicting the same animal....
antelopes (more specificly one was a bongo antelope)
Caracal (how many average people even know of this cat?)
white stag

When I do get my first fur-suit finished it will be nothing you have seen before.

All I'll say is it is a Canid but I have not seen one like what I'll be wearing around hopefully in time for RF10.

I wish I was done with it now cuzz I want to take pics and make videos of it to show it off.

My only fear is that it will turn out crappy and all my care into the suit makes me not want to make another.

But so far it is coming together nicely.


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:D my fursona is a jerboa. I'm new to the fandom though...And never made a proper suit before. Mostly only ever made acceptable halloween costumes. Trying to make my first set of digilegs ever though on my limited (and by limited i mean nonexistant) budget. Been getting my fur by buying 25cent white teddybears and stuffed toys at second-hand shops. My head is done atleast. first nice one i ever made i think :) pic is on my profile. And yeah...not a traditional natural looking jerboa...my sona is white, hot pink, and purple. ^.^ If I think the suit is good enough once I have it finished maybe I'll post it up
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