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I was driving home the other night and saw a kid walking his dog and everyother step it seemed like he would kick his dog. I pulled up behind him and told him if I see him kick that dog one more time. I would put my dogs choker and leash on him and make him walk home on all fours while I kick him in the ass. The kid gave me the finger and kept walking so I followed him back to his house and told his parents. That if I see him touch the dog again the Humane Society will be knocking on their door.
I cant stand to see someone beat on their pets for no reason.


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LOL, yeah try explaining that to the cops when they pull ya over and ask "Excuse me sir, did you know you have a dead kid stuck to the front of your truck?" lol how the hell would you answer?


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Not to long ago I was driving to the store on a busy street (rush hour time), and there was a duck and ducklings walking across the street... good thing I was in front of all the other cars so I turned on my emergency lights so people can go around me and the ducks.... It was weird that the ducks was using the crosswalk.lol


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LOL, yeah try explaining that to the cops when they pull ya over and ask "Excuse me sir, did you know you have a dead kid stuck to the front of your truck?" lol how the hell would you answer?

I would smile point to the kids dog and say " Im sorry I swurved to miss the dog but I didnt realize it had 75 lbs of poop behind it."


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i saved a few birds from the mouth of my old dog. i have also saved the lives of a few small lizards from my mom... she hates reptiles and if alone she might be inclined to kill them...


I catch bugs in my house and put them outside, I got a cat out of a tree (how original), I take worms out of puddles, and I got a wild bunny out of a window-well, along with many toads and frogs. The bunny had a head injury, so I waited until it was ok before I let it go. My cat caught a baby robin, so I got it away from him and put it in the barn. But the fucker caught it and the pasturella kicked in and killed him...

Also a baby meadow vole. It was being stalked by a snake, so I grabbed it. IT WAS S ODAMN CUTE!!! =3 !


I've taken injured pigeons from the town centre to the animal rescue.

I'm sure the council loves me. :/


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Me and my family rescued a bird that hit our window. We picked it up, put it in a basket. It recovered for a while and then flew away.


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Oh yeah, and a shield bug was in my room. I caught it in my hands and tossed it out the window.


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I chase porcupines off the road. I love watching them get all defensive and just waddle back into the woods.

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I saved a stray cat once, and he's now our pet! I also saved one from euthanisation at the pound when I was young. She was our pet for a few years too, until we had to give her up.. :(
I've also saved the odd wild animal here and there. If I see one I can help, I will.


I rescued a shrew once from the neighbor's cat. It had a broken leg, and didn't move much. The next morning it where running like nothing had happened (the leg was still broken obviously, but that didn't seem to be a problem), so I let it out in the woods.

I've rescued a couple of birds that got into our house and cottage.

I tried to rescue a bird our cat was about to eat, a few days ago, but it didn't make it through the night. :(

Other than that, it's just the occasional fly flying in front of a window that I just let out instead of swatting.
We have 5 housecats, 1 of which was a rescue and the other 4 were all strays that showed up outside our house. Our two house rabbits were both adopted from the ASPCA as well. We rescued a few turtles that were hit on the road but one of the two died unfortunately. I also save frogs on a daily basis in the summer as they like to swim in our pool and camp out in the pool filters.

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I remember being at my grandparents' farm many years ago, and on the gravel road near the farmhouse, I found what looked like either a small falcon or hawk (I don't remember which one exactly) on the dirt road. At first, it looked like it was dead, but it was actually alive, and my sister went inside the house to get some garden gloves to handle it and bring it inside to see what was wrong with it. I don't remember if it was sick or injured, but our family brought it to an old woman who took care of lost or injured animals, and I'm sure the falcon or hawk lived (or is still living) a good life after that. :)