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Animaniacs Reboot


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Good effort, but can't improve on Spielberg's perfection the first time around IMO.
To me, the trailer looked like a bunch of self-aware ironic humor, "REBOOTS BAD AND WE'RE REBOOTS TOO LOL XD". I'm pretty sure the show will pull a Simpsons and start bashing modern internet culture at some point, I just dunno when.


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Just watched the first episode and it was good. I love that they kept the irreverent and adult humor that made to old series so iconic.

Mr. Fox

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After watching the first episode I feel like my eyes were exposed to crack, now I'm addicted again.

Such nostalgia!

Mr. Fox

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Mr. Fox

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Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn!!! That's what happens.

Poor Slappy...
I'm about 2/3 through the season (a second season is in the works), and it exceeded my expectations.
Definitely a spiritual successor to the original and more like a modern times continuation than a reboot. Great animation and voice acting and songs are great. Plenty of laugh out loud moments but I guess the episodes don't have much story to them like the original.

It's all Warners and Pinky & the Brain and while I don't think they needed to bring everyone back, I'd like to see Skippy and Slappy and Rita and Runt. There are some new characters, but it looks like most are one-offs even though the episode is set up for them to be recurring.

Overall, I like it and looking forward to season 2 and the Tiny Toons reboot.
(I also hear Darkwing Duck is getting it's own reboot, but not with the Ducktales 2017 crew).

Fan fiction time: Julia and Snowball team up.

Nexus Cabler

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I think it looks pretty good.

Mr. Fox

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I miss the wheel of morality, such lessons to be learned (and memes).