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Animated Discord Avatar


The Sheepish Sheep
I'm looking for someone to make me an animated avatar for my Discord account. It's for my sheep fursona Sprite, which you can view a picture of [url=https://i.imgur.com/xQ5CuNb.png]here.[/URL]

I'm looking for something that's simple and will look good, even within the confined area Discord gives for profile pictures. I would appreciate it if the background was transparent, but it's not completely necessary. My friend used this as his avatar for awhile, and it's pretty close what to the style I would want. But mine doesn't have to be exactly like this.

I'm willing to pay up to $50 for the avatar, but my budget is flexible and I can certainly offer more if you can assure me it's worth it.

I would like to see the final product completed within a month's time if possible.

You can contact me by email at: tasheep@mail.com