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Animated Icons [OPEN]


New Member
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to promote my animation commissions.
I offer two simple options and one that can be whatever you want.



Blink Icon - 20$
Bouncy Icon - 30$
Original Icon - 50$

Icon limitations:

- Must follow FA's avatar policy
- Complex characters will be simplified if needed
- Can only have a maximum of 10 frames
- Comes in dimensions of 100x100 pixel and/or 50x50 pixel

- You can get them in a bigger size upon request


- Payment has to be upfront and full
- Must be paid with Paypal (USD)
- Additional charges may be added depending on complexity ranging between $5 - $10

If you're interested you can contact me via PM or email me at shazamblast@gmail.com
And if you have any questions please feel free to ask.