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Animated Music Video Needs Characters, Can I Borrow Yours?


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I recently produced this short film for my Editing class and realized I kinda liked doing furry animations. But I've wanted to do one that was less rushed and not as rough around the edges – I had to get that done in a week because my project was due soon and I had procrastinated.

So for my next semi-epic animation project, I'm doing a music video for Jonathan Coulton's "First of May", a lovely song about celebrating the beginning of Spring by going outside and having sex with EVERYBODY. It's a natural fit for furries.

This won't be a graphically explicit animation, mind you, and not something to fap to. No genitalia or penetration will be shown; maybe butts, I don't know. But there will be lots of R-rated, softcore depictions of happy, celebratory orgies in various outdoor locations. Despite my militant homosexuality I'd like to stay true to the the song and include a good amount of females in all this.

I feel like it would be much easier for me, though, if I had a bunch of characters that I could reference rather than having to create a bunch out of thin air. So if you're interested in having a character of yours appear in this bawdy display of comedic yiffery, please post excessive descriptive material and links to references and all that. Males and females alike are needed, and maybe even herms too.

I'd love to get this all done in time for a May 1st release, but I'm not sure I can balance that with everything else I'm working on. But it'll be done this year, for sure.

- By posting your character here, there is no guarantee I'll use him/her/it. I will use characters that I find fit the needs of the animation and I feel capable of drawing.
- If I use your character, I'll credit you, and you'll retain all rights to the original character, of course. However, the animation will be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial, effectively meaning all the drawings I include of your character will be as well. This is essentially just an explicit, legal language way of saying the video can be reposted or remixed as long as credit is given and nobody else tries to make money from it, which is probably how most of you assert your copyrights anyway, so don't worry. And the original character is, again, always yours.



The Wild And Crazy Hybrid
You can use my character if you so wish, I am providing a written ref and a couple of pics for your pleasure.


I am a Tibbilope!
You can use Chyuu and my tabbit riger...
I'll link them in the morning


Oh, I have a character. :3

His name is Pilchard, and he's what you'd call an "Inverted herm".
Like normal ones, who are mostly female, just with both male and female genetalia, Pilchard is mostly MALE, just with both male and female gens. =3
He's got two tentacles too, one male and one "Female".
The right, male one looks like a normal tentacle, and the left one is kinda like a tube.
It's why Pilchard uses the right one to attack and the left one to spit acid.


Sound of Catastrophic Light
You can try mine. (the dragon)

(description here)


Typo Queen.
If your up for a challenge you can use my fursona, Taekel.
I'm kinda merging her with another character, so once the ref is a fair-way done, I'll post it. :3
(LOL. Merging.)