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New Member

Hi guys! I'm new here and would like to start selling some of the animations I make.

This is an adoptable/auction.
This is a species I drew back in 6th grade and I decided to remake them. They are called Noctvulpes, a wolf-like species that is known for being reclusive, mythical, and magical. Some act as dreamcatchers, some as good luck charms, and some bring tragedy wherever they go. Most are gender-neutral although sometimes they possess humans and become their gender.
This little one's name is Azure. I can make a whole back story thing for an extra 10$.

The watermark will be moved upon winning.

PayPal USD only! Must be paid within 24 hours of winning.

Sb: 30$ (dirt cheap for an animation)
Min bid increase: 5$
Autobuy: 100$

I can also do comissions/custom stuff! Pm me for pricing.