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Hello ! I am offering animated pixels. Here are the examples: Sta.sh Uploads 181

Please click on them to view them !
Here are my rules:
  • Rules:
  • You can repost bought art but it is MY art. You must not take credit or use it commercially. If you DO want to use it commercially please contact and talk to me about this. Please always give me credit
  • Do not repost to other websites without credit
  • Do not edit my art
  • I have the right to turn down any commission
  • As a whole I stay away from sexual, violent, (some blood is ok,) and religious themes. I will turn down anything I am not comfortable with.
  • You have rights to your character and the art but it is still MY art. I can do what I like with the pieces I draw.
Now, they will cost more depending on the size and character complexity

A fullbody animated pixel can be 5 - 10 $,

but the sizes 50 x 50 and 100 x 100 are cheaper so feel free to PM me about those, if you are more interested in "icons."

Thank you for your cooperation and support !