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Animated Pixel Icons $10, 4 Slots


I'm making animated pixel character icons. Animation can be either runnng or walking by default, but I will attempt other animations. Characters can be either anthro or feral, wearing clothes or not wearing clothes, ect. For a few extra $'s I'll include a sprite sheet that shows each sprite 'frame used in the animation. I'm also offering non-animated pixel icons. I'm starting with 4 slots, but if this is a success I may open up more slots once I finish the first four. Resolution is 100x100, but for those who want to use these icons on DeviantArt as well, i will make a 50x50 version for no extra cost.
For some reason FAF won't let me display this image in the post, so I had to link the example. https://a.facdn.net/ixtu.gif

*Animated: $10
*Animated+sprite sheet: $12
*Non-Animated: $7
Contact Info: I will accept notes on my Furaffinity account, but i would prefer to be contacted on either AIM or Skype.
AIM: derpyscrufftail
Skype: mustelinemongrel