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Animation Commisions [Open] $5-???


New Member
Hello offering my animation services to who ever would like something animated. You want human? sure! you want anthro? no prob! You want it xxx rated? You can get that too! You want HD or even 4K? I got you! You have a small budget? That's ok. Have no budget? well I don't work for free.

I can animate in various ways however, some methods are more costly than others, stop motion for example due to materials and 100% paper animation materials are pricey too. (animation paper is not cheap and I can can't just go to walmart to get it.)

other cost factors will be detail levels, length of animation, designing characters from scratch.

Cost savers: If you have artwork that you would like animated that can usually be done VERY cheap. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PERMISSION TO DO SO.

50% deposit may be required to start.

You can see various examples of my animation here: www.vimeo.com/rjanime