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Animation program/app for iPad?


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Hello! I'm searching for a free or cheap animation program for iPad.
App store has a large selection, but I have no idea where to start.

I have animated before and I've been pretty good at it, it was part of my art school's program.
I just need to become accustomed to how iPad feels for animating, so I'll want a very cheap or free program to use for it.

I heartily take every recommendation for more expensive programs, too <3 I will upgrade once I get the hang of it, but first things first.

So, short list of what I need is:
1. Free/Cheap
2. No tweening needed. I do frame-by-frame, but it could be fun to learn how to animate a still image to move by tweening, yes. Not my main focus though.
3. Ability to animate in colour, if possible

I am a NSFW artist, and I'm learning how to upgrade my skills from still images to animations. I've only done art animations or stories so far, and this'll be a new thing.


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Rough Animator, I think it’s about 5$ on the App Store. I have a few different animation apps that I use mainly for fun, and this one is by far my favorite as it has everything laid out nicely, and feels the most like I’m using a desktop app, IMO.


I’ve also used:
Animation (Free, I’m pretty sure) , I haven’t used it as much, but I personally have a bit of trouble navigating the interface.

Storyboard is good for, well, storyboards—but I’m sure it could be tweaked with a little practice for animations if you mess with the timing settings. Also free, I believe.
**Edit: only lets you have two projects in free version. Which is pretty :/

Pixelanimator, haven’t used this one much either but it’s pretty basic (and free) if you’re into pixels!

**Edit: added photos for other programs except storyboard.
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Thanks a bunch! I prefer to work with an interface that looks like a desktop program, too, so after I go trough the free ones, I'll try that :)

Very helpful..!