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Request: Animator and Artists


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Project: Pony Game

Details: It is a pony game, a classic RPG. It can be played solo, or with friends online. It is played in the browsers.
The game will be free to play,

Looking for:
1. Artist to make a wallpaper for it.

2. Artist(s) willing to draw some charachters.
We have an artist working on this already. All charachters are a single static image, facing one side.


A total of 28 charachters are required (you do not need to do all of them ofcourse)
A total of 130 monsters are required, some are recollors of eachother. You are not expected to do all of them ofcourse.

3. Artist(s) willing to draw some item and equip icons.
Only placeholders are in place now.
They are static images, many look like one another.
A quik example (wouldn't even call it a good example) that I quikly made myself:


A total of 32 different items are required, and a total of 18 orb pieces are required. You do not need to do all of them ofcourse.

4. Animator for skills.
We need both hitters, and screen effects. We use gifs for these, very short(3 seconds)

We need about 45 screen animations (basic, simple)
And about 88 hitter animations (of which lots can be reused, so the actual number might be a lot lowwer)

As stated earlier, this game will be fully free to play. Profit is NOT our goal, and we are not a commercial company. Just a group of people being together to create something.
Your contribution will speed up our process.

So, what do you get from this project?

You can get payd but we have to negotiate a price, and we will have to evaluate and see how to get the funds required for you. We might say yes, we might have to wait untill later to say yes to see if it fits the budget.

If you choose not to get payed, you will be creditted in the game, and you will get privéleges in regards to the contribution you made.
This means that, IF the game makes profit, or would ever be sold you would receive money equal to your contribution, please note the big IF there. Again, we are fans, not pursueing any profit whatsoever. The profit is not the goal of this project. I'd like to make this very clear so I do not give you any false hopes.

If you feel intrested or have questions, Please send a DM.
Also include the price you would ask for each creation (we do not make an offer), or if youd contribute for free for the fandom.


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That seems like a nice project. I have two questions though:
  1. Won't that be a little weird to have different artists for the character for example? Should we then stick to the style in place in order to harmonize the render?
  2. Do you have some screen or maybe even a demo, to see the game?


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1. We expect the charachters to be in the same style yes. Uniformity is somewhat important.
2. I have a demo of the game, but access is limited since it is only a prototype with lots of placeholder images. I can privately send these images if required.

I am very shy about things I make, never even thinking they are good >-<