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Anime Cinematics of 90's Games

I love this grainy shit.

Share more exclusively from this decade. I don't care what platform. I just want actual video game FMV's from that 10 year span. This stuff is my jam.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I still have to play this.
Blizzard Buffalo seemed like a chill dude just making his cool ice sculptures. Shame Sigma turned his heart to ice. That shit's cold, man... :/



The Cat in the FAF
Megaman X series has a lot of good ones. Always been partial to X4's, but to throw in some non Megaman-y titles:
How about some Ace Combat 3? Animation was done by Production IG. You can see the Ghost in the Shell influence if you look closely.
Xenogears is cool too if less flashy and more "this is how it all started. Has mega Evangelion vibes and I dig that. Never even played Xenogears lol


The Cat in the FAF
Alternatively, how about some MOTHERFUCKING UNO
Who needs Uno on Xbox (which didn't come with my Xbox as I have the original first version that didn't come with it) when you have PS1 ANIME UNO


I'd like to throw in that sonic cd intro everyone knows and talks about
(i think .hack series has some anime cinematics but that's probably more early 2000s)