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Anime games that are actually good, if not better.


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Usually, the first assumption for anime games is that it is bad. However, there are those that are actually good, that the only reason why they aren't seen is that they are anime.

I am indifferent towards Naruto, but two games (well, one is last year's Xmas and the other has just been released) are quite good in anime videogame standards.

Narutimate Hero 3 (PS2) is one of the best anime-based fighting games. Balance, counters, a joke character that can par with the so-called "gods" of the cast, tools that are actually useful AND balanced out, and a varied tier system makes it a tourney-level fighting game. Compare this to GC's Clash series, which involves primarily of button-mashing, shuriken-spamming, and such. Besides, the NH series is based on the manga!

- Speaking of which, next NH game (Narutimate Hero Accel) is coming in Spring, featuring Naruto 2 stuff from the manga! Compare that to GC's Clash EX, which is a rehash. HAH!

Konoha Spirits, surprisingly, is quite good. After playing it, and comparing it to Marvel Ultimate Alliance, this one is better, mainly because of the better interactivity of objects, height, attacks, and statistics!


I'd have to say a good one was Dragonball Budokai 3 I think? I liked the storyline recap from each individual characters and only fought those whom they fought.


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Do I spot a recurring theme here? (not the Anime theme stupid)


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I'm not sure whether the game spawned the show or the show spawned the game, I I think that the rpg pokemon games are really fun, just really the gameboy ones. The console games were okay...


izartist said:
I'm not sure whether the game spawned the show or the show spawned the game, I I think that the rpg pokemon games are really fun, just really the gameboy ones. The console games were okay...

The original Pokemon Red, Green, and Blue came out first. Then came the show, then came Pokemon Yellow, followed by everything else.


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Well, if we're talking games that have become anime as well as anime that have become games...

Puyo Puyo actually had an anime series.  Of course, Japanese only.  :O  But ha, best game evar (I mean it).  Puyo Puyo Fever.  :3

I'm not sure about it, but after seeing the five-and-a-half-minute preview of Magister Magi Negi! (omgzorz teh Negima! gamezorz), it looks pretty sweet.

Yeah, Pokemon's been mentioned.

Digimon World 2 was pretty sweet.  I'm a sucker for dungeon crawlers, though.

Wild ARMs had a short anime series (that I own; it kicks ass), and we all know that series of games roolz.


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Digimon and Pokemon have been mentioned...

The .hack// series is pretty good, once you get used to the annoying camera angles and having to change them manually as you move. I've just started .hack//Infection, and it's rather addicting. Plus points for simulating an MMO!

Can't say much about Naruto, since it was just released in PAL and I haven't gotten the opportunity to buy it yet... Looks promising though.

Bleach for the Wii looks good as well. I'm just mostly wanting to see how it will utilise the Wiimote though.

Gungrave is an awesome one, the art was done by the same guy who drew Trigun. I'm pretty sure the game came first, then anime, and then sequel to the first game. It's a pretty basic shoot-em-up, but great fun.
Dragonball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 for DS is surpisngly fun and addicative, I've ended up playing more than 30 hours on it on one week....@_@


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surprisingly enough I liked the Initial D Special Stage game a lot. It was never released here except in arcade version (even more fun with the chair/wheel/pedals set up) and then I imported it for PS2.

the .hack ones are the best anime games I've played, of course when I got them I didn't even KNOW it was an anime I just thought it looked cool, then ended up getting the anime too. The new ones being released now (.hack//GU series) is good too.


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Two words. Evil Zone.
orphen was a anime series that was actually pretty good (has the box set) but it also has a game that was one of the launch games for the ps2 called orphen: scion of sorcery (used to have it....traded to ebgames for cred)

i have no idea which was out first though. i think they both came out around the same time but i'm not sure.


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The gungrave games are awesome but mindless arcade shoot outs.
the .hack games are pretty decent.
I hate to say it but later dbz games arent near as bad as they could be.
gundam battle assault two for the ps1 was also pretty good.