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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) Animela's Pixel Stop + Animation ($5-60+)


Welcome to Animela's Pixel Stop & Animation Center!

I'm Animela and I pride myself in specializing in Pixel Art, Sprites and Animation!
I've been working with Pixels since 2010, Animation since 2011 and professionally since 2015.
While I can do digital art I'll mostly be showing off the skill that I know best, Sprites and Pixel Animation!

A Few Basic Notes
Turn around Time: Max of 2 weeks(14 days) depending on the size of my Queue.
❥ Mass Orders: Allowed but Turn around Time may increase. Mass orders will be worked on in batches, in between other orders.
Character Design: Please use a character image even if it's just an MS makeup. If I have to design your character from a description there will be an additional $10 Design Fee.
❥ Character Permissions: If the character does not belong to you, please make sure you have permission to get commissions of them.
Usually this is common among mutuals and gifts are appreciated but make sure! Some people don't like their characters being drawn without permission.
❥ Character Complexity: Complex characters are perfectly okay!
Because pixels/sprites are small and styles differ, I will simplify details as necessary. Some pixel types will always receive simplification even with simple characters due to style or size issues.
❥ Usage Categories:
General Use - Character can potentially be posted anywhere by Commissioner. Artist may post for Portfolio usage.
Gift for Someone - Artwork is being commissioned as a Gift, usually for a friend. +$10 Expedite Fee, No 1 day Deadlines
Anonymous/Private - Artwork will not public anywhere, mutual agreement between artist & commissioner. +$20 Fee
Commercial Use - Artwork may be sold after completion as part of a Product, Print, Game ect. - Ask for Price Difference
Please ask about my Commercial Prices. Only Non-Commercial Prices will be listed here.
How To Commission
  1. Send me a Message at one of the following Places:
    Fur Affinity Forums
    Fur Affinity Website: Animela
    Twitter: @Animela
    Discord: Animela#8641
    Email: AnimelaKynik@gmail.com
    ❥ Please Include "Commission: <Commission Type> In the Subject Line
  2. Check the Commission Category you're interested in and provide details.
    For easy ordering, I will be providing a template/form you can use when messaging me. This will be listed below each Example section.
    It isn't necessary to use but can boost productivity if I get all of the details I need at once.
  3. Wait and I will reply
    Once I confirm your order and any extra necessary details, you will be added to my Queue.
  4. Payment and a little more waiting
    When I am ready to start working on your order/you are the first in Queue, I will message you to let you know.
    I will usually take payment up front if the type of Artwork ordered does not have a sketch phase.
    If it has a sketch phase, I will let you know that I will not take payment until after the sketch is approved.
  5. Finishing your Artwork
    Artwork may be completed within the next 24-48 hours of payment being received.
    The Total Turn around time between ordering and receiving your finished works may take up to 14 days, depending on the size of my Queue.
What I can Draw
  • Anthro
  • Human/Humanoids
  • Animals/Ponies/Mlp
  • Pokemon
  • Basically anything with a reference
What I will not Draw
  • "Hate" Art​
  • Politics
  • Personal Characters without Permission
  • Overly Bloody Stuff
Usage Rights
Artist Rights
  • Retains the right to say they drew the art.​
  • Does not own the character designs others ask them to draw.​
  • May upload art to portfolio, gallery or examples (Under General Use)​
  • May add a small watermark. (Omitted in Private/Anon & Commercial Use)​
Commissioner Rights
  • Cannot claim they drew the art.​
  • Retains ownership of designs of the characters portrayed in the art.​
  • May upload art anywhere with proper crediting (Under General Use)​
  • May print artwork for Personal Use/Shirts/Posters ect (Non Commercial Use)​


▶Commission Types◀
Each Category has its own list of examples, for more Examples, please check out this link

Price: $5
This style is based on the style used in the Chao Garden minigame of the Sonic Gameboy Advanced series.
These small sprites are used in a variety of ways including Signature Decoration, Avatars and even D&D Tokens for Roll20.

Comes in Small, Medium(200%) and Large (400%)
Size does not change price, they're just blown up from their original at increments.
For Roll20 Tokens, the Largest Option is suggested.
For Discord/Forum Avatars the Medium or Large Options are suggested.

Animations can be up to 2 seconds looped(Estimated 16-20 frames). Most won't take longer than 1.
I will let you know if what you're asking for goes beyond the time limit.
Extra 1 Sec of Animation: +$5 each

(Small - Medium/200% - Large/400%)
Pose suggestions:
Different Animation?:

Extra Notes:

Giftbox (YCH)
Price: $10
Extra Character: +$5
Animation(Single): +$5
Doublebox Animation: +$10
Giftboxes do not come Animated by Default.
Both the character and the box patterns can be animated.
Any character can be set into the box to be giftwrapped, with or without the bow.
Single Box

Double Box

Box/Ribbon Colours/Design:
Is this Animated?:
Extra Notes:

Price: $15
Simple Animation: +$5
Complex Animation: +$10

Sprites do not come Animated by Default.
Simple animations include Blinking or other Simple reptitive movements
Complex Animations usually involve entire parts moving or multiple simple animations synced together.

Pokemon Style - - - - - Personal Style

- - - - - -

Sprite Type:
Is this Animated?:
Extra Notes:



▶Commission Types (Continued)◀
Each Category has its own list of examples, for more Examples, please check out this link

Pixel Art
Price: $15

Pose suggestions:
Extra Notes:

Price: $15
Extra Character: +$10
Animation(Single): +$5
Doublebox Animation: +$10
Pose Suggestion:
Extra Notes:

Digital Artwork

: $30
Illustration: $60
Extra Character: +$15 each

Pose Suggestions:
Is this an Illustration?:
Extra Notes:



☙~Current Queue~❧

  • x5 Animated Chao for Lawless of Pokefarm.com
  • x1 Digital Art (Single) for Thal'io of Pokefarm.com
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