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Atheist? Have you read any of my other posts mate?

I confessed to being Animist in the recent past and having recently made the switch to Gnosticism and Luciferianism. In fact those were exactly the "other religions" I was referring to. I`ve never been an atheist in any real sense of the word. Even when I gave up on Christianity I held onto belief in... well, more than we see.
Yeah I feel pretty stupid about that, and rightly so. I apologize for my ignorance and I mean no disrespect.

But at the OP`s request, I will say no more on religion. My point was that animism does not attempt to provide any explanation on universe origins nor does it give any real deities or other figureheads to revere. Animism is simply the belief in some form of existence after death. That in itself is not a harmful thing to have faith in. Only when you come to specifics does dissent begin to occur.

So like has been said, this comes down to personal belief as well as having enough commonsense to apply sensible limits on how devoutly you practice or preach or whatever.

On your point of morals, I personally believe that these are engineered by ruling class of the time to facilitate smooth running of society. Whether or not belief is used as a basis depends on the strength of local faith. For example there are still modern cultures that massively restrict the freedoms of certain individuals while other countries are far too lenient with personal liberties. Again, this comes down to what the majority believe at the time and how such beliefs are applied.
After reading you and SIX's accounts on moral development, I'm starting to see that a bit more clearly now. A moral code is indeed mainly developed and influenced by cultural environmental pressures, which is why it can differ from culture to culture where traditions and views on what is or is not acceptable can differ greatly.

Animism is most often defined as the belief in the existence of spirits. In a sense, that can be depicted as the belief in life after death. It is a good belief to take faith in, though it is an idea I tend to flicker back and forth upon from time to time.


Takin it slow.
Common Sense and Logic prevailing...

No worries. You`ve proven that commonsense and logic still exist and for that I salute you. :D


I'm fired up!
I teeter between Shintoism, Animism, and LaVeyan Satanism at any given time. Mostly consider myself Shinto lately though. Sensible religions to me, and I often make small tributes to things when I need their cooperation. Whether they genuinely are responding to my spiritual/emotional pleas, or whether coincidence, it seems to work.
uh... but I... WHAT?!?
you got a major contradiction here
to a satanist, a rock is just a rock... it's only "spiritual connection" is it's ability to give you emotional satisfaction by throwing it at someone you hate