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Announcing my "20 Anthros in 30 Days" discount commission special!


just here to sell stuff and shitpost
Hey all! A while ago I did a "15 Ferals in 15 Days" special, where I drew a 'feral' or animal creature every day for 15 days. I opened some of the days up as discounted commissions of feral characters, and people seemed to really enjoy the discount and the chance to get their character done feral style.

So! I've decided to run a similar promotion again for Anthro characters! And I'm doing 5 more than I did in my last promotion. Starting September 6th, I'll draw 20 anthros within 30 days.


www.furaffinity.net: 20 Anthros in 30 Days promotion! Anthro commissions ON SALE by WanderingYena

The 20 slots are open as discounted commissions. This discount is only for anthro characters, and only during this promotion.
Any slot I don't fill, I'll just draw something myself, but that's one less person who can take advantage of the promotion. ;)
  • Sketch: Usually $30, with anthro promotion it's $25
  • Grayscale: Usually $45, with promotion it's $35
  • Full Details: Usually $75+, with promotion it's $65
If you want to learn more about the discounts and secure a commission slot, check out this form for details: goo.gl: 20 Anthros in 30 Days Promotion

Thanks everyone!
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