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Announcing the 'Shades of Blue' Comic


Leather-clad Lobo
Hello, all!

I'm working to bring a comic to life. It stars my sona and my OC's are also planned to make an appearance! Read about it in the Ko-Fi link below!

My Ko-Fi page will feature updates about this project and the first one is here:
www.ko-fi.com: The 'Shades Of Blue' Comic!

As well as myself, I'll be working with @Space-Hatter, @MCtheBeardie and @InfiniteShades to put this together!

Each member of the team is doing something different to help bring it to life, but you can also help, too!
Follow my page to stay up to date on the progress and maybe buy me a coffee if you'd like to help support the comic! Coffees cost $3 USD each :3

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the comic, too!
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Leather-clad Lobo
The second preview page is up and live on Ko-Fi :3
ko-fi.com: Shades of Blue Page 2 Preview

Some additional info: I'll be posting two pages per month. My current budget sadly doesn't allow for anymore :c
However, if you'd like to support the comic, that would help greatly :3
Each page costs $50 USD on average, so a little will go a long way!