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Another Goat Joins the Fray


Best Goat
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I'm Jubia, just another goat among the lot.

Been a furry for a good many years, but it wasn't until now I decided to put myself out there, in the hopes of meeting some new, nice folk and involving myself in the community more, since it's been so good to me over the years.

I mostly game and goof off these days, but I love to write as well.
Prose, I haven't touched in ages, but I may like to try it again given the right inspiration, and time.

Roleplay on the other hand I've practiced for years, so I'm always happy to meet new roleplayers.

I'm open to PMs, answering any questions, or just chatting.

And... well, that's about it.
Hello everyone!

Deleted member 82554

Also, had a pet goat once, her name was nanny fanny.


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Welcome! Have a cookie!

This is a great place to meet people. There might even be a few writers around. :)


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Another goatboi! Welcome welcome welcome!!!