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Another husky bounces into the room


Hi folks, just joined the FA forums, but I've been on here for a while as a writer (been far too lazy to post anything for a while) going by the name of Lycanthropictendencies.

Most of the time I hang out on UKFur, but thought I'd have a nose on here to see what's going on.

Only discovered the furry fandom about 5 years ago, largely through browsing various online storyboards, but been going to various UKFurmeets for a couple of years (mainly London meets - the largest regular furry meets in the world, I think).

I work in construction, driving tower cranes for a living - yes, I'm a doggie that likes to climb ;)

Very occasional writer, but lacking motivation and inspiration for a while, I guess my muse has taken an extended leave of absence.

In my spare time I volunteer with a charity that transports emergency blood supplies to hospitals, mainly on bikes.

Rather shy, with a phobia about introducing myself to new people IRL, but once I manage to get over that hurdle I quite enjoy talking to new folks.


Sarcastic Lurker
I thought UKFur was full of tumbleweed.

Anyway, welcome. Cranes are pretty cool.



*gets blown across the room*

Yippee! Its too windy to work :grin:


cute newbie kitten
Hello and... hey I know you, come on in, welcome to the madness. I'm sure you'll meet plenty of interesting people around here, just join in and have fun and try not to do anything silly.
Would you like any biscuits or anything? I bake them specially for the newbies.