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Anthro and Feral art Opinions

When you guys view furry art, do you prefer anthro, feral, or both? They both are common types of furry art, and I want to know what you guys think.

I love both, and it can also depend on what it is. Both anthro and feral characters can be drawn quite well, and can both be cute. They both use different anatomy and styles, and I appreciate both.

Just wanted to know what kind of "style" of furry art you guys like.

Bluefiremark II

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I usually prefer anthro but i have nothing wrong with feral, i have a character of my own that's more feral in fact. Some feral pictures can be great, i can like them more than anthro pictures, and vice versa. But i tend to prefer anthro, since it's more unique. There's plenty of drawings of feral animals out there, even if furries didn't exist there's still drawings of animals, so it's nice to look at anthros for once. But as i said before, there's still nothing wrong with feral, i enjoy a good piece of feral art here and there~ ;)


I prefer anthro now, but do like ferals too and used to be more into feral when I was younger. (I used to make a lot of dog characters and write stories about them). I still have a few feral characters, but at the moment my main focus has been more on my anthro characters.


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I have a character whose prehistoric, so it's a clever blend of both.
I kinda hate how anthro characters look like inflatable creatures covered in oil.


I have a character whose prehistoric, so it's a clever blend of both.
I kinda hate how anthro characters look like inflatable creatures covered in oil.
Wait, what do you mean by inflatable creatures covered in oil? Those don't sound very appealing lol

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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i prefer feral but the feral goat art is pretty limited.

thank heavens for wooloo


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Honestly? I really like my feral characters but really getting into the community? Anthros are definitely something I’m into


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I’ll edit my last comment and say that I’m developing a alternative universe of my characters that are Anthro actually since In my universe my characters would make zero sense as Anthros


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I like anthros more (that's why I'm a furry rather than a DeviantArt....wolf? RPer? I'm not sure what they do) but I enjoy art of both. Usually my OCs have an option between anthro and feral versions to more easily play out cool scene ideas.
Feral art mostly just makes me ask questions. How do they dress with no thumbs? How they can create society with no ability to develop science? How they manipulate objects to grow smarter? So, anthro is preferable.


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I massively prefer anthro art. Feral art is kinda boring to me, and I can't really figure out why.


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I'm a fan of both, but I think worlds and technologies created for feral characters can be a little more interesting.
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I like both of them, but i prefer anthro
Unless it's a dragon, i like feral dragons


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I like both, since both feral and anthro are fun to draw. I drew my cat once in my style, just as the way she is, with her favorite toy, and I plan to draw her as anthro too, just because it's fun ^^
For some species, like dragons, I do prefer them as feral, but I don't mind seeing them as anthro as well. I guess this is mostly because in books and movies, you barely see anthro dragons.

So yep, I like both. Both are interesting in their own way.


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I prefer anthro because it's more attractive to think about. Not in a nsfw way, it's just easier to relate to and project onto a character if they are like us. Writing a story, developing a character, reading or making a piece of art... Anthro is more familiar, more human if you will.

Not to suggest feral is bad or untenable btw, I can think of many examples of feral done right, but that's my preference.