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Anthro, Feral, Both?


Hey guys!

So, before joining this site, my fursona Aaria only had art of her feral form. I only saw her as the lioness that she is, so it was weird for me to imagine her as an anthro character. I'm finally getting art done of her as an anthro, and despite it still being weird, I'm learning to be able to see her as both versions.

Anyways, when it comes to your sonas, do you view them mainly as anthro, feral, or a bit of both?


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I'm a werewolf. I get to be w/e one my heart fancies at the time. <:


I generally think of Fleet as anthro, but I do have a feral version of her just because I was curious to see what such a weird hybrid would look like (hint: it's adorable).


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Feral. Whenever I do draw him anthro, I make sure it's only 10% anthro cause feral is far superior in my world. Friends who draw him go a little farther than that, and while I don't mind, it's not the image I had of my character when I created him.


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i am both and i just love to shapeshift into my feral form to run through the woods. of course both has positive and negative traits you need to watch for(as example you should take your clothes off before you go feral) but if you know them it's great.^^


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Feral has its benefits, such as increased strength and mobility, but you have to consider that the massive decrease in dexterity would be an issue if you needed fine manipulation skills. I prefer anthro for this reason, although feral isn't out of the quetion if it might be required.

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Never drawn my dude feral. Something I am willing to try.


Bit of both.

When I was younger I draw my sonas as strictly feral, now that I'm older I've started working on my anthro art.
I think doing both helps me from getting burned out on doing similar poses/body types so often. :3

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Mine is anthro. . .as well as a merfur, which is more anthro than feral. I've thought about trying to do my fursona in a feral form but just never got around to it.


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i love feral art bc it reminds me more of actual animals, which i really love. lately i've been getting interested in anthro though.
Feral because I have yet to learn how to draw anthro.

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I've never been quite sure what defines a feral other than four legs. Is that the only qualification?


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Clothing totally defines my sona. If he was a feral thing, he'd just be a natural naked dingo with a few funky markings.
Totally not as fun. :C


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Feral only for me. I see no need to give my fursona's the features of a homosapien.
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I believe that the species I picked only comes in anthro flavour. But I do want to have a go at imagining her as a feral design at some point, that would be a good exercise.


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I like anthros better. They have the intellect and behaviour of a human, and they are humanoid. Ferals are cool, but definitely not good for pr0n.