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Anthro Northwest 2023 “express registration”


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So the ANW convention is less than a week away and I’m still not sure if I’m gonna be able to go (my mom is still hesitant on the whole furry thing )
Anyway, I looked at the registration page and it says “Pre-registration is closed. Express Registration will open soon.”
It’s my first (furst, if you will) con, what exactly does this mean? Will it affect my ability to attend?

Sorry this is a dumb question I just want to make sure I’ll still have a chance to attend


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I guess you didn't preregister? Usually, pre-registration offers a price break. Express will still be on-line, but you don't get the discount. Not taking advantage of pre-reg could affect room availability. I don't know if you'll be staying at the convention venue or if you'll be day tripping. Hope you'll be attending.