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Anthro Pokemon


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I'm looking for artwork that shows anthropomorphic Pokemon or Pokemorphs. Not the sexy human bodies with pokemon heads I keep getting from top results but something like Zootopia where their proportions and body shapes are more or less the same. Here are some commissions I got from Greykitty as examples:


Oh, and if I am asking for this in the wrong place, please tell me.


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Looks like you found what you're looking for.

You might be better off posting in: Home/Forums/The Creative Arts/Random Requests Thread.


You just reminded me that I never uploaded my sfw pokefurs. I do have some "grown" but sfw versions on my FA, but I made these chibi ones for a convention a few years ago. Will upload the rest on my page in the coming weeks . IDK if this is what you're looking for per se


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