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anthropomorphic card game


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Hello i’m making a card game on my free time and, i want to start collecting art for it. I would like to try to have 1 or 2 commissions done for me a month my budget is $60 to $75 per piece.i’m also open for artists who are willing to sell me the license to use their (existing) artwork in a hobbyist card game the same budget. Right now this card game is a long way from becoming reality but, just in case there might be a day when I want to make the game into a commercial product, I would like to buy licenses to use various pieces of original artwork from different artists. All the artwork i use still belong to the artist and there name will be on the cards. i want anthropomorphic animals in a fantasy,medieval or steampunk setting.

also if you want to see what i got so far here a link Dropbox - second world test


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I have examples stored on my deviantART and my Imgur if you'd like to look around.

Keep in mind: Anything on my Imgur between the two nearly identical bust sketches and the 6-art image is either old art or not drawn by me.
Also you can ignore the one screenshot i have up there.

I can do digital fullbodies for $15 each, $20 with shading.


I would definitely be interested in taking part in such a cool project (I love the designs you already have), you can check out some of my art both below, on my FF, or on my outside portfolio, all linked to below!

I can also do some more realistic/detailed stuff, as you can check out in my outside general art portfolio.