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Anti-Furry Ex

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The girl I was with before meeting my Fiance was a psycho and she was very antifurry. When I told her that I was one she told me this long bullshit story about how she had gone to a furry convention once and got gangraped by fursuiters (BTW compulsive liar). Yeah, my dumbass stayed with her for two more years before breaking it off for good.


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Eh, not that big a deal. I dealt with it for so long I got used to it. You just had to marvel at the stupid things she would come up with.
1.That while we were broke up for like 2 weeks she became pregnant with my children. They were twins who died a few days later.
2.That she got lung cancer, became the mistress of a billionair who payed all her medical bills. She then got a double lung transplant which left no scars.
3. Used to tell my friends all sorts of bullshit when I wasn't around. She told them that I beat her, that I had threatened to kill her, etc. They believed it too till they heard us arguing in the other room. When she came out she put on the tears and claimed I had said a bunch of things they knew I hadn't said because they were listening.


Sounds like from your story that they weren't a good person to begin with so you probably dodged a bullet there.

I personally don't have any stories besides the common troll people in the Internet because I don't tell people in my life that I am a furry. It makes things a lot easier.

I agree wit Astus. I really don't tell anyone and there are some bad actors out there. I've only been married a couple years but we've been together for 6 and I only told her last year! hahaha But she's like "it's your thing" just don't smother me with it . I laughed wondering if it was literal or figurative.


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DANG Ez... You're right, it's kind of amazing the stuff they come up with. I used to know someone like that, reminds me a lot of what you posted actually. Fairly certain in my case she had no actual personality aside and just reflected the people around her in hopes of getting what they had. Or something.

*pictures Yarra smothering significant other with giant plush furry* Oops


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I have a problem because I feel that I can't date someone who isn't a furry because they'll hate me otherwise. On the other hand, I really hate fursuits so even if I do date a furry what is she is into that? My stupid brain keeps seeing dating as navigating a minefield whilst wearing mines on my body, and I can't shake that feeling.


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I've never been with anyone who was anti-furry before. My most recent ex was very understanding about me being a furry, and she even made herself a fursona after we got together so I can draw art of us. She was never a furry herself though, just really sweet about my fluff loving. My other ex's never knew I was a furry or even that I drew, so furry stuff never even came up. I doubt they even know what furry is, haha.

One of my co-workers thinks furries are weird, but he has furry friends. He doesn't know I'm a fur, no one offline aside from my mom knows I'm a fur. I can't say I know anyone personally who's anti-furry.


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My curmudgeonly boyfriend has actually tolerated by furriness reasonably well, and has admitted that he actually likes the feral and less-toony suits, like the ones by Clockwork Creatures and Beastcub. He also said that he rather likes the design of Shawshank the Crux.

He's also gotten along decently with 2 Gryphon and Toast, as well as with some of my closer furry friends.

My sense is that the sorts of people who really hate or resent furries will typically hate or resent other things I like and value, so even if the subject of furries never gets broached, we still won't get along.
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