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Any area need to be fix?


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Rollling Tumbling along
hey again ! once again i really like the story, the main chara seems to be a really interesting person lol. the expressions are well done, the atmosphere is well done and you transmitted the main plot quiet well.

for areas to be fixed, id say the skull door or rather maybe the perspective ? the demarcation between the table and the floor is not clear. i understand the point of view is from the table (a really interesting choice!). people are drinking and putting their glass on the table. then in the background a chara is entering by pushing the skull door open. if i misunderstood, feel free to correct me !
but the door is at the same level of the table, and theres no line to make the borders of the table clear. so it look like the door is on the table.
i think it can be easy to fix : put some dark lineart around the table, make a real different color for the table (maybe dark brown) and the floor (bright brown?). make the door longer so it goes under the level of table (its alright if we dont see the bottom of the door) -sorry hard to explain lol. Maybe -but not sure about this one- make the scene with the chara entering in another shading (more dark). or you can also make the table-beer scene more dark so the main point of light would be on the scene of the chara entering. Like that, we can see there is 3 scenes : the table-beer, the chara entering in the background, and the background^2 in the far back, really dark. with that i think itd be perfect !

anw i really like your art, keep up the good work !