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Any cheap & good ways to learn C#?


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I've always had an urge to learn the coding language C# but i don't know any good ways, plus i'd rather not spend a small fortune to learn it, so does anyone have tips or guides for it?


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How much do you know about code so far, if you know a lot already, you can likely just look up its reserved words and such and figure it out, i have also heard its super close to JavaScript (actually heard it was a copy of JavaScript)


vaporeon character != mushroom characters


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The best and cheapest way would probably be a universal Youtube video. Try to find a video or video series that not only focuses on C# related stuff, rather find a complete beginner tutorial on Object oriented programming languages (C# is mostly an OOP language... it supports multiple paradigms but starting with oop is in my opinion the easiest way to learn how to write programs). Also look out on humble bundle there are sometimes great deals on coding books. In general try to find a book where you can look up some basic stuff if you forgot. I think C# is a good way of starting to learn coding because it versatile and the .NET platform allows you to use all kind of cool stuff. Have fun, I will keep my ears pointed in that direction and when I find some good beginner stuff I will post it if you want.

i have also heard its super close to JavaScript (actually heard it was a copy of JavaScript)
I wouldn't say that, their are sharing multiple paradigms and use cases but their syntax differs especially for a beginner. Also their are using completely different compiling strategies and in general have different Areas of application. I would say that, when you get along with C# you can adapt your knowledge to also learn the rules of JavaScript faster


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There are several good tutorials online. This one's from Microsoft and it includes instructions on installing and using Visual Studio Community. It's a free version of the Visual Studio development suite that professional software engineers use.


You know, instead of C#, you should learn machine code (⌐■_■)