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any fanfic Werewolf:Apocalypse (RPG)?


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I've been planning to write a fic (it's in portuguese-br :/) using the setting of werewolf:apocalypse.
Does anyone ever wrote anything in this setting or, if you feel like sharing plots regarding shapeshifting fursonas (discussed this on reddit once, if shapeshifting is regarded as furry and how valid it is)
Feel free to open the subject, I'm working on plot structure and character creation
I like to mess with astrology archetypes if I'm not sure on how to build characters
(I'm not into it, but I like how horoscope organizes this sort of "template" for behavior and responses to the world)
- I also tend to make lots and lots of sketches (and have some notes on an anthro-interplanetary webcomic someday...)
- playlists, I lost too much time organizing but it makes me feel sooo goood while I'm working/writing/drawing


This is the first sketch that I made for main OCs, they've changed a lot from that but I like looking back at these sketches if I feel lost about how characters would react to situations and choices.
I also like writing fanfics and specially for WoD RPGs bc the setting is pretty much done and I don't have to work a lot on the rules of the world (I love writing about magic and occultism, this is also central to what I'm writing)

Anyway that's a tiny bit of my creative process and I hope to translate some bits and pieces if I feel comfortable enough with how it goes xD


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I'm writing something inspired by a related setting, The Chronicles of Darkness (aka the New World of Darkness), but the story focuses on Changelings. (Though the main character looks like a fox-girl.)