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Any Firearm Owners?

Sledge_Husky 04

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Hey all, i was just wondering if there are any people who want to chat about firearms? any gun enthusiasts? i'd love to hear from ya!


There already is a thread on the topic, but it kind of became a dumpster fire. Probably wouldn't hurt to start a new one seeing as it's been a bit since anyone posted in it.


I've got a rebuilt Russian SKS and just got a Tikka T3X Lite .308 rifle. Fun stuff!


Leather-clad Lobo
If it counts at all, I own a WW1 era German bayonet? Probably doesn't count, but I'll probably be interested to collect some actual firearms in the future.

For more details on that, it comes from my great-grandfather, who somehow got hold of it in WW2. He served as an RAF engineer in West Africa, I believe.


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The only gun I really own is a Mossberg 500. I really want to buy an antique punt gun, though. I don't even want to use it (not that I could), just to have it as a wall-hanger.

Kit H. Ruppell

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Nope. I'm more of a cold weapons person.


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I've got 26 different weapons, the majority of which are old WWI, WWII, and Cold War surplus. Very much a historical collector, though I've got a few nice modern pieces.
Even had a thread going for quite a while.