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Any free video-making programs you could recommend?


Cute with an Edge
Hey everyone,

So I'm thinking about creating YouTube videos (on possibly art tutorials, some art history, showing how I do things, ect.) for supplemental income until I can find a job. I can't yet afford Adobe Premier Rush. Thinking I could just use iMovie, I tried to update it, only to unfortunately be told that my computer is too outdated to support this needed update (all these big tech companies just hate us poor people, don't they?). Yeah, I was pretty disappointed by this.

So do any of you have any recommendations for video-making programs that are at least similar to Premier Rush or iMovie that will work on a MacBook Pro with High Sierra V 10.13.6?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

- Mal
Blender which is primarily used to make 3d models and meshes has a very competent video editor inside of it as well. Even though I have not looked at it more than a few minutes myself, it doesn't appear to be the most intuitive thing to learn/use but certainly good enough from what you can hear and see from others. Since blender also works on macs that's the only suggestion I could give as of now.


dem leggies
Macs aren't good about abundant free software. Apple's spiel is on large part the software they develop.
If you can find a way to emulate Linux programs you'll have a big pool to choose from. I personally like OpenShot.


Shekel collector
I know it will not help you much but arrr in the Pirate bay everything is free ye dockrat!


Cute with an Edge
Thank you very much everyone for all the suggestions! I'm going to look into each of these and try them out (with some caution, of course). I'll add whatever I use in the video credits, maybe to help out others who might be stuck in my position. I've also discovered a trick or two to get my original programs to work, but it's good to have backup plans.

Again, thank you everyone!