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Any furries in Massachusetts or Rhode Island?


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Hello! My name is Mae and I'm looking for local furs who would like to chat and maybe hang at some point. I live near fall river if anyone is interested


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i live in MA but unfortunately, i can't meet other people as i don't have any means of traveling from one place to another. it's always nice to come across a fellow MA furry though! :D


I'm in Massachusetts as well!! I'm in the Bridgewater area though, idk how close that is to Fall River.

Honestly I would be down to talking to/getting to know other MA people.
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Mass but Im in the western part where people do suprisingly live.

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I live on Cape Cod.


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Hey, fren! I’m from Norfolk county, so it’s a bit of a drive to Fall River, sadly. I’m open to chat with anytime, though!