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Any Furries Play MMOs?

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Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst

That's the only one. I won't be playing any others until I get a better internet connection.


Cthulhu's Sexual Seraphim
I play Diablo II LOD...I use to play on battle.net....I have no idea why I stopped...

>.> I recently started playing in OPEN Battle.net...and I enjoy collecting collecting strange " Hack charms" and trading them for legitimate rare items, gold, and other hack charms....

I also play this strange, chibi-robot MMO called " Bots". A fun and cute game....it's actually more challenging than it looks.


Is not ****ing interested.
WoW - Argent Dawn - 70 Orc Huntress
FFXI - Kujata - 75 Mithra Summoner


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WoW - Destromath - LvL 64 Holy priest - Bloodfest
Vek'nilash - LvL 70 Hunter - Blanton

FFXI - Titan - Bako lvl 75 Hume Red Mage and 75 White Mage


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WoW mid 40s belf pally and high 30s Draenei shammy ... with tons mroe characters sprinkled around under level 10. They are mostly on Scarlet Crusade (US).


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Hi my name is Fenrus and I am a WoW player. I have a level 70 Tauren shaman on Kil'jaeden and am an officer in a raiding guild. I also like moonlit walks on the beach as well as champagne before bed and a gnome snack at midnight. Oh, and my guild,
Sardaukar is looking foe warlocks if anyone is interested!


I played WoW, GW and dont laugh Maplestory >.>
lvl 65 warlock on wow
wont start about GW because well it pretty much destroyed my life xD
and maplestory was just a sidething really not really into MMO's these days but I do trade pokemans online through WiFi if that counts ;)


I'm a sorcerer <:3
the only one I've played so far is GW and I had every prof. all the way up to lvl 20 >.< but I haven't played it in a month I don't like ti anymore -.- but I think SL counts as a massive online game or soemthing <.<~>.>
I play Flyff, Diablo II, WoW, and Maple Story

All on dial-up.


Eudyptula minor
I would play a lot more if I had the time and money... but right now I just play:

World of Warcraft
Server: Coilfang US
Characters: Eispnelos (Tauren Druid), Aitas (Troll Priest)
Zasha said:
Rappelz <3

Pantera PVP server.

Hey.. I've heard of that! What's the backstory? If one can be gleaned from a gpotato game, that is...


Sushi Doom
I've played quite a few... have pretty much left Ragnarok Online behind, and tried out Flyff for a while. The two I've liked the most are WoW and CoX (City of Heroes/Villains). I'm working up a whole roster on Kirin Tor (RP) in WoW over the summer, but will prob'ly be shifting over to CoX again this fall to try and get my lv. 39 catgirl Defender maxed out.


I used to :B
2 and a half years of playing different games...

-Ragnarok online (curse you sis)
-R.o.s.e. online
-adventure quest (lol whut?)
-trickster online
-pirate king/king of pirates
-scions of fate

I get bored on one game then moved on to a new one, then one day I decided that it's not worth it so I stopped :B


I play WoW.

70 Night Elf Druid on Kael'Thas (Shadowpaw) and a lower level Gnome Warlock (Shadowdamage)

Waiting for a better Machine so I can try out Vanguard.


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Ragnarok Online and Phantasy Star Online. Can't help but keep them both, no matter how old they get. <3


I currently dont play any MMOs, but I've played...

Ragnarok - 1 1/2 years of IRO
1 1/2 years of DaydreamersRO(dRO)
2 years of XileRO

PSU, level 41 Beast Hunter (it got boring, played it for a month as there was too little content xD)

Lineage II, some random private server for 2 weeks (then got bored...)

Guild Wars, 2 days (didn't like it at all xD)

Flyff for...a week (didnt like it)

Diablo II LoD for like a month (didnt like it too much either xD)

WoW for like a year, I have many chars, but I don't play too much.

I loved ragnarok, but damn... my favorate private server was gone, too much drama and etc. And I'm much more of an FPS person xD. (or anything with pvp..)
PSO - Hacked sever of course :v - Level 47 or summin. But stats of like, a level 100+ charri.
Maple story - Not much though, I get the bf to play for me XD;
Trickster online - I luff it ;3


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City of Heroes here, too. Playing since about a month after release. Based on the addictiveness level, never, ever will I play another MMO. I could have become a decent artist in the amount of time I've sunk in that game. :D

My best Anthropomorphic superhero is a giraffe character, presently a stalled 37 MA/SR scrapper, tallest frame, and boy was I happy when they finally gave us hooves. Some of those kicks with her uber-long legs look hysterical!


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Kris_Reizer said:
Zasha said:
Rappelz <3

Pantera PVP server.

Hey.. I've heard of that! What's the backstory? If one can be gleaned from a gpotato game, that is...

Well hmm I must be lame though I actually see no real large story behind. Probably since I simply do not read all the given material. Although what I can say is there is a wide variety of classes and second classes. Plus the maximum level is so high that I know none that have reached it. Should be somewhere around 200 or 199. There is little lag, graphics are good and the spells have awesome effects. Quite fun and there always are quests.
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