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Any furry Doomers?


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With my laptop running Vista, the only thing I can play is ZDoom. And play it I do. Russian Overkill, Brutal Doom, Action Doom, Ghouls Forest, I have essentially gone through all the great Wads Doom has to offer. Now, all I have to ask is: Am I the only one?


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If you'd have asked me nearly a decade ago I'd have said hell yes. XD But now a days, it's been ages since I played Doom. @.@

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I've got it but I only play it in brief stints. It's a very good game for shooting everything in a very small amount of time.


Your brain cells are mine
Do you have the IWADs required?


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Doom is soooo lame. Chex Quest is where it's at!
Seriously, though, i'm huge into Classic Doom. it's quite literally my zen when i just want to tune out. i have it on nearly every platform in my house, 'cept my phone or my printer, which is apparently possible. i've tried ZDoom and Brutal but nothing beats the original. Classic Doom is best played with dual sticks so i prefer the PS3 version but even back in the day, i used a single stick with strafe toggle so i've mastered both controls.

i'm still waiting on Duke3D on PS3, though.


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I'm playing it right now.

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