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Any fursuiters from Pensacola, Florida?

I'm from Navarre, Florida which is between Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach, Florida and I would also love to meet a fursuiter and ask for advice on how to be one since I want to be one. Also are there any furry conventions in Pensacola or anywhere nearby like Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Tallahassee FL, Mobile AL, Biloxi MS, or New Orleans LA.?


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I acctualy live about an hour or two north of you near Dothan Alabama. We go to Destin at the begining of each year for Sukoshicon.
Would love to meet you sometime! We hold fur meets up here very offten now


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oh sory. and as for local cons, there is FWA in atlanta, Sukoshicon in destin, Momocon and AWA also in Atlanta, just google "list of anime conventions" or "list of furry conventions"


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When exactly is Sukoshicon? I am very curious. Also when do you have fur meets? My friend and I would love to go to one. ^_^ We haven't met other fursuiters before because we didn't know if there was any others near our location, besides us.


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Mobicon is in Mobile, AL May 17th-19th 2013. And Pensacola, FL has a Fandomcon thats around Nov/Oct sometime but Ive not checked the exact dates for it yet.
If you joined up on the normal FA site, there are actually several fur groups thats located in the Mobile/Pensacola areas. (Im watching 2 of them currently). The cons I listed are not "furry" conventions, but people from the fur groups normally show up for these conventions. :)

Edit/Add: I know there is also a Suskosh. Con in Mobile at some time too...but I don't stay to active on when it is as much as I do Mobi/Fandom.
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