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Any Game Dev Furs Around Here?


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Hey Guys,

So I'm an aspiring game developer. Specialised in 3D art and have a decent handle on 2D art and a basic understanding on Unreal Engine. But I want to know if there are any other Game Dev Furs around?

I'm hoping if there are a few of us and we get on well, maybe we could try making something! :D

If you're curious and want to chat but not on the board for anonymity concerns, by all means drop me a private message. :3


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I wouldn't really call myself a game developer, but I've developed a crappy mostly finished 2D RPG engine in HTML5 using CreateJS last year.

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I've toyed with Unity before and know a bit of C#. I wouldn't call myself a game dev tho 'cause I can never finish anything. *cri*


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I'm a professional gameplay & AI programmer and I have a good working knowledge of UE4. I do have a non-compete clause in my employment contract so if I did work on something it couldn't be for commercial release.
Sounds like fun, what do you plan to make? :3


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OwO, what's this?

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A little late to the party, but I'm also a developer. I mostly do web stuff but I've been getting into 3D modeling and animation lately.


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I'm an artist and a writer but I used to heavily mod stuff so I'm familiar with texture making as well as audio design.

Im most comfortable with 2nd stuff.

I also write with a heavy focus on dialogue. :)

Also I have the natural ability to find every glitch and bug that ever exists :p it's a curse I tell yeah!


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I dont think you can slap the word fur on anything to mean its fandom related but I used to be ages ago. Got some handfuls of work into UDK and then later UE4, and a tiny bit of cryengine.
But as a 3d artist and someone who tinkers with 3d programs I mostly consider myself someone training to be a 3d animator soon. Game design was just...a very expensive thing to do in general and stressful.

I just find it more relaxing to make worlds, characters and concepts and try to bring them to life then make them play inside a sandbox or linear story where they really don't matter as most games these days are built for the protagonist then the entire world of a game. But thats just me.


Most of my programming experience is in Java, but I've slapped shit together for dumb little gamed in the Unreal engine. If y'all get anything rolling and need someone to do some systems or make your base code use less boilerplate, lemme know!
Heh, OP seems to have abandoned this thread...

There are some people though... Wonder if something like 1-2 days long anthro themed game jam could work... :3


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I've thought of designing a number of various board games, as I love the explosion in these as of late, but not any computer ones. It's fun to come up with a them, go over the mechanics, and then, think of what the art would be like, what pieces would be needed, &c. After playing a ton of games, from co-ops to worker placement to area control to deck-building to resource management, and ones that blend all these, I have pondered certain a few furry themed ones!
I've thought of designing a number of various board games, as I love the explosion in these as of late, but not any computer ones. [...]
Board games are certainly fun :3

Hmm, maybe computer prototype of your favorite furry themed design would work? Computer versions certainly aren't as fun as physical ones, but they cost almost nothing to make (only time) and playing online with random people would enable you to test your design and experiment a lot with it. After you have solid design, can invest in physical version and start conquering furry conventions with it >:3
I have indeed accidentally abandoned this thread due to work, but by all means use it as a place to put your own projects together with peeps as I'm not online as much as I'd like to be. :)
Ehh, work is evil and should be banned, unless people work on furry themed stuff... >:3


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*raises hand*
I'm in training currently


I've been hankering to start using RPGmaker since watching some playthroughs of Off.

I love everything about that game, even though I've never played it.


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I've started learning GMS2 in an attempt to make shooters in the future. Hoping to get something small going as a test project before 2018 is out. I've been learning a lot of things I'll need to do since I'm a one man team. I have some concepts going.



Not looking forward to learning music but it's something I'll have to do. GMS on the other hand has been a relatively painless thing to learn at least.


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