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any hooved furs in this forum?



Hello! I am curious to know if there is anybody here with a hooved animal fursona out of curiosity.
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Sure are! My fursona is a deer and I have a number of horse characters. I do know of a hooved-focused Discord, but it is decidedly NSFW. Good luck in your search!


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I'm a striped yeen primarily, but I'm also antelope fanatic! Even got an antelope "alt" for myself and a number of characters in my gallery.


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She's got hooved feet, but not hands. She's a goat Oni

Matt the Terrier

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There's a guy on here named Leadhoof. His fursona is a horse.

There's also Jack Sprocket on Fur Affinity itself, who is also a horse. A nice guy to talk to, but it helps if you're interested and versed on cars, because he's a car guy.
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My actual sona and most of my other characters are hooved.
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mines a cow :3 so yeah technically even though i gave her human hands with hooflike tips rather than human nails? idk, i just thought itd be easier to draw xD

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saying hello again for all the people who started watching this thread since :)