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any Jazz fans out there?


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
Freeform Jazz music is awesome... There is a station in San Antonio... The radio station for Trinity university plays Jazz almost 24/7... I like.


there's also a classic jazz and freeform station run by a college here near chicago, alongside the smooth jazz station which is corporate-owned


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Gimme sum Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz, Art Blakey, SUN RA, Monk, Vince Guaraldi, Charlie Christian, Django, Sonny Rollins...

plus any artist who samples jazz with a beat - especially Tribe and Digable Planets

plus any poet who speaks over a walking bass and/or bongos

Jazz makes life grand and interesting!

In my opinion, next best thing to universal healthcare and milk chocolate... it's like right up there


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tito puento loses the beet - great moment in jazz history

yeah im a jazz fan, im the lead trombone in my schools jazz band 4 years running