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Any Knoxville/East TN furries?


heya!! i'm gonna be straight up, i'm very lonely and don't have any local friends u_u;; i live in knoxville, tn, currently and id love to meet some cool people around my area! just a heads-up i'm 24 years old so i'm not super looking for friends who are under like...20? i guess? not comfortable with minors on that personal of a basis ^^;;

(this isn't a dating thread i just want to hang out with people!!! <33 if you wanna chat my dms are always open! maybe we can discuss a meetup at some point!)


Rez the Wolfdog
I don't really live that close do Knoxville, but do you know about the east TN Furs group?

edit: Though I would be glad to meet you too!