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Any LittleBigPlanet players around here?



This may be a stretch of a question here considering how the game doesn't seem to be as popular anymore and most people have moved onto PS4, but I'll be hopeful - anyone around here still play LBP? (Particularly 1 and 2).

I used to play the games like crazy and recently have been wanting to get into playing them again. Except, over the years I've had to restart the games on multiple occasions (mostly due to not having my own PS3 until more recently). At this point I still need to re-finish the story levels on both LBP 1 and 2, plus I'd like to get all the 2x, 3x and 4x prizes, but I only have one controller and don't know anyone that owns these games or still plays them. And trying to find people online by random isn't helpful, most of the people I do find online are little kids and either just leave immediately, or run away from the co op areas and end up killing me. :|

I've tried asking on the Reddit but while I did get some people answering, they literally just said "add me!" and didn't tell me anything about themselves whatsoever which felt kinda . . . eh to me? Like I don't really wanna just add some person I know absolutely nothing about to my account xP At least here I'll have a better idea, lol


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Aww man I forgot about the game. Used to play it with a friend all the time. I want to play again now.


I love Little Big Planet.

I remember first getting into it by playing the Demo of LBP1 on the PS3 of a Relative of mine. I loved playing that Demo. Then, that same Relative installed the Demo of LBP2 on the same PS3. I played that too.

It was around December of 2014(I think it was December anyway) that I got LBP3(The PS3 Version). I constantly played that. After I finished the Story I kind of slowed down on playing it. I did soon get the Full-Version of LBP2 and 1 for the PS3 and the same happened to them. Finished the Story and just kind of stopped playing after that.

I don't even play Little Big Planet anymore. I did play the first one a couple of weeks ago though. And I'm not kidding, Nostalgia hit me hard. Hell, even when I boot-up my PS3, Nostalgia hits hard. Like really hard.

I am quite sad that there isn't going to be another Little Big Planet. But let's hope Dreams(The new Game by the people who made LBP1 and 2) will do well.