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Any Monster furs?


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Most fursona characters seem to be based off animals, or at the very least, things like dragons or unicorns. I don't see a lot of original Monster fursona characters. Despite this, my eventual fursona ended up being a monster: one with an elephant trunk, rabbit's feet and a walruses body. Anyone else have weird hybrid monster characters like that as there fursona?


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@TyraWadman Yes I will... Sorta. lol

My main fursona is a house cat/werebat hybrid who's dad is a werebat and who's mother is a calico cat with 3 eyes. I'd say that pretty much all 45+ of my characters are monsters. I love monsters and if I can't be a monster and have monsters then I cannot be a furry. lol


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I love monsters and if I can't be a monster and have monsters then I cannot be a furry. lol

I can get behind that. Faline herself is essentially a symbiotic creature anyway. Think Venom, but digitized. Less monstrous in appearance, but I'm sure she could have...much scarier forms...if I wanted her to. I didn't think to name her in my list since she's honestly the most tame (and possibly generic) looking Monster Sona out there. At least at first glance. :p


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Would this count. He takes features from many reptilian species and can appear quite mpnstrous when provoked


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Most of my characters are either humans or conventional animals/mythical creatures, but I do have Whiplash, who is a ceromus (an original species created by me.) She’s kind-of-like a hybrid between a dinosaur, a goat and a panther, I guess, although I did also try to mix in some equine features. She was originally meant to be a regular feral horse with some exotic aspects to her design.



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I love seeing furry characters of fictional species, they're always super creative! One of mine was based on the goblin familiars from the game Flight Rising, but I've since changed her into a sort of faun-kobold hybrid... thing. Idk what she is exactly but she's great and i love her



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if i don't count then-

literally the word monster is derived from my species name.