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Any Off-White fans?



This is probably the most amazing graphic novel I’ve ever read (other than Bone, which I have to get back into). So I wondered if any of you guys are fans? So here’s the Off-White appreciation thread!

OFF-WHITE | webcomic (here’s their site if you want to give it a read. Warning though, there’s quite a lot of gore)

Iki is the cutest boi qwq


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Last time I read it a couple years ago (Light spoiler?)
Iki (I think that's the main character) found a stone that started floating because of his powers or something
And I remember the hidden pages where you had to click certain things on the page, that was pretty exciting :D

But now that you remind me I'll definitely go catch up on it, thanks!

EDIT: Reading their page they are putting the comic on "Indefinite hiatus" partly due to a backup failure that deleted a lot of redone pages (they're re-doing all Volume 1 pages to make the story make sense) which set them back alot and due to not having as much free time as they had before.
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