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Any other Cyberecurity nerds/White hats here?


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Cybersecurity is a passion of mine, specifically Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing (mainly Digital side, but the physical side looks FUN) and I've been pursuing it for some time now. I'm currently working on my CompTIA Network+ and I have already run a few recon ops with groups and solo. I'm just curious if there's any other furs in the field since it seems like they're all so few and/or far between in my usual circles.


Yep,here ^^. Even though I'm "just" a Sysadmin that topic falls on my shoulders as well.


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Got myself into Cyber Security especially Pen testing after a IT-Security lecture at my University. I am still a noob and rarely find time for improving my skills, but had a fun with Vulnerability Hub and Hack the Box.


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I did some hardware hacking so far, reverse engineering and such. Most of the time it doesn't even feel like hacking, it's more like "why did you leave the door open?"

Miles Marsalis

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It was an area of study for my CompSci degree, but I occasionally do some cybersecurity work for my job when I'm required to. If you're looking for people on here who work directly in the field, I believe @PercyD and @Foxy Emy could give you valuable insights.

Foxy Emy

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Got my CCNA and a college certificate for CCNA Security. (Never took the CCNA Security Cisco exam) but I now work as a QA Analyst for Risk Management at a law firm.

I love cybersecurity, however, and my networking skills came in handy when setting up a router, modem, and switch for my home office. Especially with settings. Gotta make sure to set those DNS addresses!


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ouo I was called--

I got my CompTIA A+, Network + and Security + a few years back. I write blogs about it from time to to time. I also got my electrical engineering degree. c: I mainly use it for writing operations manuals, but~.
Definitely in tech.