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Any other Cyberecurity nerds/White hats here?


The Empress has Returned
Cybersecurity is a passion of mine, specifically Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing (mainly Digital side, but the physical side looks FUN) and I've been pursuing it for some time now. I'm currently working on my CompTIA Network+ and I have already run a few recon ops with groups and solo. I'm just curious if there's any other furs in the field since it seems like they're all so few and/or far between in my usual circles.


Yep,here ^^. Even though I'm "just" a Sysadmin that topic falls on my shoulders as well.


New Member
Got myself into Cyber Security especially Pen testing after a IT-Security lecture at my University. I am still a noob and rarely find time for improving my skills, but had a fun with Vulnerability Hub and Hack the Box.