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Any PlayStation Trophy Hunting Furs?


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What is up, everyone!

I want to check and see if any furs that had been trophy hunting on PS4, PS3, and PS5. What are you working on, and How many platinum trophies do you have?

Let me know in the comments


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I am a PS4 player, though I'm not sure how many platinum trophies I have. I have one for a game called Clash Force and that's probably the easiest platinum trophy ever since all you need to do is clear levels 1 through 15. Don't even need to clear the rest of the levels.

Still, I do have a lot of games and trophies for those games. Most of the games in my collection star anthropomorphic animals. Can you look at someone's collection of games on the PS4 server?


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On and off with trophy hunting. This combined with the fact I didn't play much with the PS3 and have mainly played PS4 only leaves me with only 7 platinum trophies. These currently being:

Remnant: From the ashes
Nioh 2
Killing Floor 2
Destiny 2
Risk of rain 2
Need for speed (2015 reboot)
Dark souls 3

Having a blast playing through Outward again now that all content is available on this platform. It's my next target for platinum.