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Any poly furs?


Emi the Sheep
I was curious to know if there where any polyamorous furs around.

I live in Texas so i'd be even cooler if there is anyone in the área ♡

Tell me your poly stories/journies! ♡♡♡ i want to know the polyfurs ♡♡♡


just happy to be here
I've been non-monogamous ever since I started dating (at first I used the phrase "open relationship", but it might be a bit closer to poly). Right now I like to have one nesting partner, but completely exclusive relationships never made sense to me. For me, being affectionate (even very affectionate!) with whoever I have chemistry with is just lovely, and doesn't tarnish any individual relationship as long as everyone is open about what they want and how they feel. I've noticed that it seems to be becoming more common, but I wish it were more socially acceptable!


I think I’m poly. I’ve always been okay with the idea of an open relationship, and dating multiple people, and even wished I could have it. I’m currently in a relationship with a non-poly person, so it’s just me and her and that’s okay with me too. Idk if that’s poly or what but I think it is