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Any Ps3 online gamers?

Mr Fox

Rainbows... Uber!
Hmm well yeah i gotta a ps3 and might aswell post it here i spose... feel free to add me guys it's General-Jones

Mr Fox

Rainbows... Uber!
wat are the good online games btw? i havent had online play for very long and the only games i got is resistance and bad company. know any other good online ones?

Yeah COD4 and unreal tournament 3... warhawk and hmm GTA4 ain't bad in free roam with friends who won't kill ya all the time -.-


Well Mr. Fox has hit all of the big online titles that are out. Feel free to add me as well, its Joe21.
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I'm a PS3 gamer and I'm online quite alot I usally play either Motor-Storm or Resistance online. My user name is wardog912 feel free to add me as a friend.