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Any PSN Furs out there?


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Hello, I am Kristan Woodtail. I'm 20 and I had few friends on PSN. I would like to hang out with someone and hunting trophies together.

Also, don't forget to put your PSN ID, what games did you played, your bio, and your timezone.
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Meow everyone Barafu Pineberry here, cold snapping at you with some chill time.
I am looking for some furry GTA 5 crews to do a challenging Tropical island mission, strats required. Voice chat is optional, but planning is mandatory.
First plan: I will attempt to take out the control tower and see what happens from there.
If the control tower is gone, air support can get in and provide a big help.
Any takers?

I'm Barafu_Cat or Barafu_Pineberry apart of the alpha furs crew
I might start a PS4 only crew, I don't know. Let's see how things go.