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Before I type anything else, I deeply apologise if this is the incorrect channel for this to be whapped into. I've not thought of a more appropriate location, nor did I see anything. What's more, I'm not sure if a thread in this vein had been posted before, because the searches I conducted only came up with the now-defunct "Furs by Location" project.

Now that that's outt of the way, let us move on to what should be the obvious topic:

On this Thursday, I'll bere locating from the ill-vonceived, shoddily-constructed hell-pit my family and I have been fermenting in for nine years now (whose constructing on a budget of $500, and as the last wish of the mentally-retarded, cancer-ridden child of the builder wouldn't surprise me at all, were it fact.), and going to a wonderful, brand new house in Vancouver, Washington

For reasons I'm still unsure of, I would like to have some people who don't live several states - or countries - away to interact with, but have had woefully bad luck finding any.

- I had an impeccably awful experience in PDXFurs, (from an administator no less, and in spite of him being the only one breaking the rules by calling me a "Weird, woe-is-me, pity-fishing, sad sack" because I was nervous, shy, had been having a remarkably crap day. )

- I had to leave another group that was also based in the Pacific because the cause of my departure from the previously mentioned server was there too, albeit without any power whatsoever.

- The note I made in the official Washington Furs group atteacted no attention whatsoever.

- I'm not sure if FurLife even reaches that far down, but they've neither a Discord, or Telegram server, so that's off the table.

Thus, I ask this: are there any of you here that are in the general area of my soon-to-be home city, and if no, are there any groups I could follow, or methods I could employ to hopefully find some furs in the area?


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I live in Washington